This former tomboy now appreciates a good youtube natural hair tutorial, but when presented with actual human beings would rather talk about pretty much anything else.  Space politics, race politics (does something else rhyme with -ace politics? no?), the changing form of musical theatre, the necessity of body positivity in a world where teenage girls have Instagram, art in all forms... you know, stuff.  Also, how are you? 'Cause this introvert would probably rather be listening to your voice than her own. 


Monique loves new work, and is thankful to have worked on projects in various stages of development with the likes of MCC, Playwrights Horizons, Vineyard Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, Lincoln Center, The Public, EST, The Barrow Group, and a bunch of others.  Generally speaking, she likes new work.  And Shakespeare.  And musicals.  You know, stuff.